Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions for SAP environment

Design, creation and support of sophisticated mobile business apps

Mobile technology and their routine use represent one of most revolutionary moments since the Internet expansion. Most of us use cell phones, laptops or tablets, for everyday work. The advent of mobile devices into business processes enables organizations reassess run-stereotypes and provides opportunities for streamlining and acceleration of decision-making processes. Therefore, it is natural that mobile technology has become a standard part of SAP solutions.

SAP mobile technology benefits

  • increase of productivity and efficiency of mobile users, the possibility to work anytime and anywhere
  • increase of data quality in backend systems
  • faster decision making through the access to actual data
  • on-line or off-line access to data in backend systems
  • support a wide range of mobile devices
  • mobile apps deployment without the need to modify existing backend systems
  • support of all commonly used communication standards (WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G a EDGE)
  • support of all commonly available security standards
  • centralized management and security of all mobile devices in the company

Usage of mobile technologies can markedly increase productivity and efficiency of activities in the company. If mobile technologies are properly connected with processes, there arise completely new tools and means covering even agenda where paper evidence prevailed so far. Connection of mobile units and other technologies as a bar code, QR code, NFC tag or RFID tag enables also to make many processes automated. 

It offers solutions for activity automation in the company as follows:

  • automation of assets administration, evidence and inventory – FAIN system, a proper product of ORIWIN company which enlarges functionality of FI-AA and RE-FX modules of SAP system
  • automated registration of stock supplies – Mobile stock and expedition solution opens a mobile access to majority of stock operations in SAP system (input, stock transfer, inventory, goods issue, expedition…). The system can work with stock as well as with manipulation units. Solution is based on SAP ITS mobile technology, resp. Sybase Unwired Platform.
  • for the most common company functions - SAP Fiori - 25 applications
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