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In spite of the fact that current company information systems are complex and highly flexible for needs of various customers, it is often necessary to complete their functionality in accordance with specific needs of customers. In such cases we are able to provide services of our top advance designers who know how to analyse the needs and how to realize them by standard development tools.

Our development activities are focused namely on:

  • extending of standard SAP functionality and adjusting to your requirements
  • development of new customer applications in SAP environment and their close integration with standard functionality (for instance system of assets registration and inventory FAIN)
  • development of all types of interfaces for applications of third parties for integration with SAP system using standard SAP technology for data transmission (RFC, BAPI, ALE, XML...)
  • development of special applications for automated data collection from technological units (electronic weights, technological units, control systems, counters…) 

Our main principles for development of tailored applications are as follows:

  • to use existing solutions and systems as much as possible
  • to develop open customizable solutions for possible easy future changes
  • to use standards as much as possible
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