Most frequent solutions

ORIWIN brings for its customers a modern and innovative solutions that support their business processes.

Industrial production

  • great stock supply and other many supplies on production places -  frozen  money – transparent relations supplier-customer (electronic  communication)
  • cost connected to logistics and material handling
  • data collection on real time production – economic evaluation of orders
  • reduction of time needed from product order to its delivery

Food production

  • product monitoring and tracing from supplier to seller
  • well-timed food distribution preventing its spoil or shortening its expiration  period


  • marking and registration of stock and products
  • electronic registration and tracing of batch numbers from stock purchase to  its distribution towards seller

State and public administration

  • solution of non-linked agenda – manual data transcription, complicated and  slow access to data of other agendas
  • cost reduction for assets registration and plant inventory
  • reduction of plenty of manual work for official correspondence


  • cost reduction for assets registration and plant inventory
  • automatic registration of rented teaching aids


  • communication of inhomogeneous systems and reports on process outputs  in real time
  • minimizing of drop-outs and stand-offs during net operation – tools for  maintenance management and mobile data collection during technical  intervention directly on the place
  • well-timed and precise information for customers – web-portal smart phones  applications…