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Extends standard SAP CPI tools

It complements the standard SAP CPI monitoring tools with the extended functionality that the user has become accustomed to from on-premise solutions. The main advantage is the ability to search and filter messages based on message attributes, including their content itself. This feature will extremely expedite your error resolution process.To be able to search in messages by content, it is necessary to modify the current iFlow, which can be tailored for you by our experts, or the customer can do it itself according to the supplied templates and documentation.


Each administrator has the option to save their most used selection criteria as their own variant. Saved variants are available for immediate execution when entering the application.

Access to messages content

ORIWIN Advanced Monitoring for SAP CPI provides the ability to preview a message directly from the displayed message list. The content of the report or its attachment can be viewed or downloaded to the local system for possible analysis of the accuracy of the transmitted data.

Mobile client

To be flexible in troubleshooting, administrators can also monitor and analyse SAP CPI traffic through the FIORI mobile client. The mobile client provides a responsive design, so it can be operated on a tablet or mobile phone.


Accelerate problem solving

Systems monitoring helps speed up the process of resolving problems that arise when exchanging data between systems. As a result, the exchange of data between systems is interrupted at a minimum, as the SAP CPI administrator can analyse problems much faster and, moreover, directly from information from staff in charge of processes.

Reduction of operating costs 

By providing advanced tools to monitor and track the causes of integration problems, operational integration processes can be simplified. In this way, operating costs can be reduced by reducing the number of resources needed to be involved in identifying the causes of the problem and its final solution.

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