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Providing of permanent IT service means high requirements on good accessibility of IT systems. This accessibility cannot be achieved without sophisticated tools for monitoring and administration of the systems. For support of system running and administration we provide special tools and services for monitoring the system operation Early Watch Alerting and system for Support Desk. These solutions for administration and monitoring are based on SAP Solution Manager technology which is a part of every SAP application pack.

SAP Solution Manager (SAP SM) is a system for centralized administration of applications and solutions. It provides optimization of SAP operation and enables to exploit maximum of its potential. SAP SM contains the following tools for:

  • administration of SAP SW licenses and control of actualizations (patches, support packages)
  • efficient project administration and centralized administration of all SAP system components implementation; at disposal there are sets of templates and tools for project definition, business blueprint, system configuration, tests, trainings and operation
  • access and a central platform for remote support from SAP Global Services (solution of OSS reporting, go-live check, on demand optimization)
  • regular high level reporting of SAP system status (in MS Word) – SAP EarlyWatch Alert (SAP EWA)
  • central monitoring and alerting of SAP system status
  • Change Request Management
  • Service Desk – focused on end users
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