Sap fiori

Sap fiori

SAP introduces a collection of intuitive apps for various business software areas that work seamlessly on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

SAP Fiori streamlines working with business software.

  • SAP Fiori apps are simple and bring intuitive user environment for SAP software functions frequently used across the range of devices – from the desktop through the tablet to the smartphone.
  • The first SAP Fiori edition contains 25 apps for the most common business functions such as process steps approval, information retrieval and self-service tasks. SAP company redefines the way how the business users perform their everyday tasks. Created namely the more intuitive format and offers the user environment similar to the experience what people have in their everyday contact with technologies.
  • SAP Fiori is a set of apps that can be used on mobile devices as well as desktop computers using browsers which support standard HTML5. Uses a responsive design which is the concept of application creation that are tailored to the type of a device on which they run, but with a single interface. SAP Fiori can be deployed in various ways – as a set of startup applications in one place or as a several separate web applications. They can be also integrated into SAP portal or to the portals of the third parties. SAP Fiori can also be configured the way to be accessed to its particular only, based on the user roles.

SAP Fiori edition includes apps for the following four user directions:



       Sales Representative

       Purchasing Agent

These contain specifically the application for leave approval, travel expenses approval, time sheet, payslips, creation orders, customer invoices and order tracking. The full list and more information, visit:

 When is suitable for you to use SAP Fiori

  • need to run business applications on various devices, not only PC
  • high demands to „mobility“ workflow for the employees and management who need consolidated, intuitive and easy to use interface for the approval processes throughout the company. Approval must also be addressed outside the organization or PC
  • need to be able to modify and create applications for business functionality and enhancement beyond the standard company offer

 Impact to your business

  • SAP Fiori enables the employees to work simultaneously on desktops, tablets or smartphones
  • with 25 apps increases users satisfaction and enables faster approval and subsequently better business decisions
  • SAP Fiori helps higher productivity and the company costs reduction
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