ORIWIN Resco Inspections

Resco Inspections is a dedicated mobile app custom-built for inspections scenarios that helps staff to execute inspections and fill out questionnaires in the field. Questionnaires are a series of questions or question groups designed to collect, manage, and store data (information) on specific topics from users. ORIWIN, as a partner of RESCO, is ready to invent, set up and, if necessary, integrate it into your current information system.


ORIWIN Resco Inspections


Execute smarter, safer, and faster
Digital forms decrease human error, ensure compliance with safety procedures, and speed up data collection. Capture better data with tagged photos or videos, use augmented reality and AI to identify objects.

Be more in control of your team
Reach peak efficiency with clear step-by-step instructions, location monitoring, and real-time alerts. Accelerate onboarding and training of your employees.

Save costs and help the environment
Digitize paper forms with an easy drag-and-drop UI. Update processes swiftly and deploy changes immediately. Never go back to paper again

Become a data-driven decision-maker
Get the big picture with real-time dashboards. Easily export data for in-depth analysis. Discover bottlenecks to optimize your workflows.


Key features:
• Offline functionality
• Dead-simple to use
• Airtight security

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