Mobile stock and dispatch

Mobile solution for support of material flow management by bar codes or RFID integrated into material management of SAP system.

Registration of material movement in the company by manual data input via keyboard directly into SAP ERP screens is demanding, elaborated and often incorrect. Based on long-term experiences with mobile solutions based on SAP system the company ORIWIN developed a solution enabling to identify materials and to manage material flows by bar code technology or RFID in SAP ERP or SAP SCM systems.

Mobile stock and dispatch system support all basic stock transactions of material management. By the means of radio mobile terminals can workers in stocks scan or input data necessary for transactions in SAP system. It substantially automates data collection for information system that are necessary for material flow management and monitoring in real time. 

Mobile stock system integrated into SAP processes provides to customers benefits as follows:

  • high level of registration and management of stock processes
  • reverse traceability of products
  • reduction of error rate in deliveries to customers
  • usability in various operation and technology conditions
  • possible further enhancement of functionality support of various mobile terminal types with bar code scanners or RFID
  • quick implementation of the system
  • easy handling for end users
  • minimal requirements for operation and maintenance of the system
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