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Enterprise architecture is a tool which – if used properly – can bring values for your business.

Companies and organizations can succeed in nowadays keen competition even only if they are able to meet the growing demands of customers for reasonable prices. Achieving of these goals is not possible without up-to-date IT infrastructure with a direct connection to company processes. Enterprise architecture (EA) provides a method how to achieve it and moreover to go forward more quickly than competitors. EA provides tools and methods that are helpful for building up IT infrastructure directly connected to company processes.

Application architecture in companies and organizations is mostly heterogeneous; it contains many self-standing applications and shows a low level of standardization. Company managements are pointing up to high operation costs for IT and to inability of IT to react to new business requirements without further cost increase. Many IT projects did not show expected benefits or were prematurely terminated.

EA offers a structured view on particular IT aspects and is supporting a decision making on optimization of existing or new IT solutions. EA helps to transform IT into a real supporter of a business strategy. It interconnects business requirements with the most suitable offer of IT solutions, it offers better flexibility for business and for IT itself. EA often solves contradiction of business requirements and enables better management of complexity of the environment, to reduce risks and to help for better decision making process.

Some benefits of architecture approach:

  • reduction of project risks
  • better project success
  • wider cost control and ROI improvement
  • cost reduction for daily operation
  • enabling of IT strategy realization and better cooperation of business and IT
  • agility improvement and better competitiveness

Usage of EA principles enables to transform IT in the company from a cost item of the budget into a real partner for business support.

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