By square for SAP®

By square for SAP®

Company ORIWIN in cooperation with ADELANTE company, the developer of by square standard, are offering a package solution by square for SAP® which enables to implement standards of PAY by square and INVOICE by square directly into the SAP information system.

by square

What pay and invoice by square mean?

By placing a PAY by square code onto your invoice, you make paying the invoice quick and easy for your customers. PAY by square comprises complete data of payment needed for any bank transfer.
Based on Slovak Bank Association (SBA) decision on unified acceptance of this standard, almost all Slovak banks enable today to make any payment by QR code scan using a smartphone.

By placing an INVOICE by square code onto your invoice, you make work of accountants especially of your business partners and of your customers more precise and simple. They have to file and to bill a huge amount of invoices every day. After scanning of QR codes by a scanner, your partners will be able to process your invoice data more easily and mainly error-free so that also payments could be credited to your account precisely and in time.

In case your partners or suppliers will print an INVOICE by square code onto invoices assigned to you, then more precise and quick processing can be achieved. In your information system SAP you can make the process of data on incoming invoices entering markedly automatic, more precise and quick.

Solution package by square for SAP®

The ORIWIN package by square for SAP® is designed for creation, printing and scanning of QR codes according to by square specifications directly from the SAP system and contains the components as follows:

  • Pre-prepared solution for creation and printing of PAY by square and INVOICE by square codes directly in SAP environment namely for an object of payment order from the invoice (ABAP programs)
  • Pre-prepared solution for scanning of INVOICE by square codes in SAP environment (ABAP program)
  • License for printing and scanning of by square codes (PAY and INVOICE by square)
  • Library of by square, standard specification, documentation, implementation instructions for SAP system, directions for use, test scenario and programs for verification of proper implementation in SAP system

Further optional components and services for by square for SAP® solution

We offer the following services connected with the above solution for SAP system:

  • Implementation of by square solution
  • Form modification
  • Tailored consulting, testing and development

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