Assets inventory - FAIN
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Inventarizácia majetku - Fain

FAIN (Fixed Assets Inventory) is designed for all SAP ERP users who use FI-AA or RE-FX module for assets and fixed assets registration. FAIN enhances standard functionality of SAP system, supports labeling and automates assets inventory process. FAIN will make assets registration and inventory easier in the SAP ERP system. It de-creases in great measure an error rate risk caused by human factor with assets registration without any paper registration necessity. Inventory data collection is resolved by means of mobile terminals equipped by bar codes scanners or RFID.

FAIN is closely linked to the standard objects of SAP ERP module fixed assets (FI-AA) or real estate (RE-FX).

Its basic system characteristics are:

  • enhances FI-AA module functionality or RE-FX with the tools for assets labeling, inventory lists creation, inventory, collected data processing during inventory and asset movement (move)
  • enables printing of assets and rooms etiquettes from SAP ERP system
  • uses standard SAP GUI as users interface
  • assets master data update in SAP system will be executed after changes in FAIN system are processed and approved (bulk or individually)
  • mobile client for inventory data collection has easy and intuitive control (Finger- Touch); optimized efficiency (up to 60 000 assets in one batch) and high assecuration of operation (system and also collected data are saved in memory card)

FAIN system benefits:

  • SAP system standard function enhancement for automated fixed assets registration
  • time saving and error rate decrease – data gathering by means of bar code read capable mobile devices
  • location review – it is possible to maintain very easy actual data about fixed assets in the system by means of FAIN
  • year-round utilize by an assets movement – data collection via mobile terminal, import into SAP and consecutive asset master data update
  • very easy and intuitive control of mobile application (Finger-Touch technology) – only elementary users training is sufficient before inventory
  • assets protection – special seal etiquettes that are not possible to remove ordinary way can be used to tag assets
  • operation costs saving – FAIN system is fully integrated into SAP ERP, all data are stored by means of this system

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