03. 03. 2017


In December ORIWIN organised in cooperation with a longtime reliable partner Vysoké učení technické v Brně, a workshop called „Easy and Well-arranged Assets Registration and Inventory using the latest technology SAP UI5“.

The workshop attendants, which took place at the premises of the Štukový sál, VUT rectorate had the possibility to:

• become familiar with the new version of the FAIN product, which uses the latest technology SAP UI5, with its functionalities and benefits,
• listen to the customer references who have already implemented FAIN,
• share the experience with the ways of asset registration and inventory
• and directly on site try out the product FAIN on the latest devices with OS Android (terminals, smartphones, eventually tablets).

FAIN facilitates assets registration and inventory in SAP ERP system (Module FI-AA or RE-FX). It greatly reduces the error rate risk caused by the human factor at assets records without the necessity of any paper registration. Inventory data collection is resolved by mobile terminals or smart devices (such as smartphones and tablets) equipped with a scanner of QR codes, barcodes or RFID. Our applications can maximize the use of native features of devices such as calendar, telephone, camera, email, GPS, maps, QR Code, Bar Code, RFID etc., thus all modern functions that are currently quite common for mobile applications.