07. 07. 2021

ORIWIN is Government Cloud Service provider

ORIWIN is included in the list of Government Cloud Services providers with three versions of the ORIWIN SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite. The offered cloud service included in the catalog is intended for users who are primary public authorities. Selecting the offered cloud service from the catalog will provide a guarantee that the selected cloud service meets the relevant quality and security criteria.

Government Cloud:
•Any VS organization can be a customer of private government cloud services.
•The cloud service enables simple, convenient, and reliable network access to a shared set of configurable computing resources (networks, servers, data storage, applications, services ...).
•Cloud is a progressive technology with a high potential to improve collaboration, flexibility, scalability, high availability, creates a significant space to reduce costs through optimization and efficient use of computing resources.

Basic description of the service:
The "ORIWIN SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite" integration service helps to connect cloud and on-premise applications with other cloud and on-premise applications. The service is based on the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service and is extended by our own ORIWIN modules and extensions, which we provide to customers as part of the package.

The service allows:
•   Implement various integration scenarios,
•   Implement various integration scenarios based on the principles of service-oriented integration - Enterprise Service Bus (ESB),
•   Integrate processes and data into application-to-application (B2B) and business-to-business (B2B) scenarios,
•   Connect to multiple endpoints,
•   Develop your own adapters,
•   Access to public APIs,
•   Ensure secure and reliable communication,
•   Implement different communication modes,
•   Ready integration with SAP Process Orchestration and other SAP systems,
•   ORIWIN modules.