04. 04. 2019


We continuously monitor current legislative changes and their subsequent incorporation into the products we offer. The new features are also the result of the knowledge and experience of the real functioning of our drug serialization product, TRACK & TRACE, in practice. Our goal is to continuously improve the efficiency and comfort of our customers.


Upgrading the Functionality to the New Version of the EMVO 3.0 Communication Library(document EMVO_0122 from 17/DEC/2018, EMVO - European Medicines Verification Organisation)

  • New Distributor Code List (Create, Change, Delete)
  • Extension of master data with possible assignment of the distributor as a dedicated and „Common name“ parameter to the final product and country
  • Extended review for the need to update the final product master data in EMVO by each parameter change
  • Addition of product master data transfer by new data to EMVO 
  • Enhancement of control by new Serial Number (SN) registration and EMVO status changes for new statuses
  • Extension of the data filtering function according to selection criteria for sending SN status to EMVO
  • Completion of the control function to verify the status of SN registered in T&T against EMVO records


New Bulk Change Status Feature

  • SN status support - Locked, Stolen, Free_sample Checked_out,Exported
  • Change statuses via Datamatrix manual scanner or box code scanner (only for implemented aggregation)
  • New bulk SN check feature


Extending group pack functionality

  • Advanced status check in packaged boxes
  • Possibility to print labels when packing into a box for non-serialized medicines
  • New expedition support feature - assignment of group packages to individual distributors