Case study

SWIFT Payments and Confirmations - PI integration from BCM and TR for OFID

The OPEC International Fund for Development (OFID) based in Vienna is using SAP for its core operations. In the course of 2015 ORIWIN participated on a project to build a payment platform based on the SAP BCM (Bank Communication Management) module for sending payments to OFID’s house banks via the SWIFT network.

Our job was to implement a PI integration solution that would send the payment messages generated in BCM to a service bureau providing the connectivity to the SWIFT network and to process incoming responses from the network and the banks.

After release of the payments in the BCM workflow, the generated SWIFT (MT101) and SEPA (pain.001) payment messages are sent to PI via a proxy connection and then transferred to an SFTP location at the Service Bureau. This provides enhanced operational security since the payments are not sent from application server files that could potentially be manipulated.

The incoming messages are taken by PI from the Service Bureau and routed to proxy methods defined in SAP ECC to update the status of the underlying payment batches in BCM. We have used the standard ISO20022 SAP package (CollectivePaymentOrderNotification_in interface) to process the incoming FileAct notifications and the SEPA pain.002 payment reports, while we also implemented custom proxies for the FIN ACK messages and MT199 containing the final result of the processing received from one of the banks. For both payment formats the status of the payment batches and their individual items in BCM is updated, the proxies control for the current status and provide error handling. Finally, incoming MT940 bank statements are transferred to a folder on the ECC application server from where they can be imported to BCM by the users.

In the solution we were able to cope with different formats and naming conventions of the incoming messages sent by the individual banks, with non-standard XML, and pain.002 sent from the banks in a version different than the one used in standard SAP package.

Besides the payments processing, we have also implemented integration scenarios to transfer FX and MM confirmations from SAP Treasury to the Service Bureau and to import incoming FIN Acknowledgements and counterparty confirmations back to folders on the application server to be imported by the Treasury Correspondence Monitor functionalities.

The OPEC Fund for International Development is the intergovernmental development finance institution established in 1976 by the Member States of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.



Česká pošta, s.p., the largest provider of postal services in the whole area of the Czech Republic, started using the FAIN system for assets registration and inventory for the selected localities. FAIN enhances the standard functionality of SAP ERP system and enables the Česká pošta to automate the processes connected to assets administration. FAIN streamlines the works connected with assets registration and inventory and greatly reduces the risk of errors caused by a human factor.

Inventory data collection is resolved using mobile terminals Ingenico equipped with barcode scanners. Label printing of assets and rooms is performed directly from SAP system on Zebra printers. FAIN is fully integrated into SAP ERP environment.

Česká pošta provides postal services in the whole area of the Czech Republic. Into these services rank mainly submission, transport and delivery of letters, parcels and remittance in both national as well as international transactions. Česká pošta offers also express and courier services with a guaranteed delivery time.


SAP system guards expedition of medicaments in HBM Pharma

In the beginning of 2013 HBM Pharma s.r.o. has launched into routine operation the system for marking of finished products and mobile applications for automation of material flows in the warehouse of finished products. The new system closely follows up the functionality of SAP ERP enterprise information system.

The aim of the solution was to streamline and accelerate marking of cartons and pallets on packaging lines by means of barcode technology and to manage the movement of finished products in the process of storage. The basis of the system is a mobile solution based on SAP ITSmobile technology. In the past ORIWIN has already used such technology in HBM Pharma for the solution of weighing and consumption of material in the production.

Identification of pallets and their administration in SAP ERP system helps HBM Pharma to solve the issue of traceability and electronic batch which is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry.

HBM Pharma provides its customers a wide scale of activities in the area of production, quality management, wrapping and wholesale medicaments distribution. The company focuses on the following sterile technologies (injections in ampules) and technologies for solid forms of medicament (tablets).